Anonymous asked:

I love England and j want to live there so bad !!! I'm from America , what would you recommend to a person who wants to move and want to become a English citizen. ? I have no idea what to do .

Well first off, English people are really nice from experience so you’ll definitely feel at home, and be prepared to drink a lot of tea or be offered it approximately 10 times a day. But in all honesty England is great, and people exaggerate the amount it rains here, sure it rains but it’s not like Noah’s arc over here. I would recommend moving into an apartment in the city with a friend whether you know them in London or you could bring a friend who wants to move as well so you can adjust to your surroundings with someone at your side.

I don’t think grown ups understand nowadays how much music influences us. For some people it’s the reason they’re still living every day of their valuable life. It helps some teenagers concentrate with studying, it gives kids motivation, it gives kids their own style. To not be afraid to be different and say “yeah, I like that band” and to be fucking proud. That’s something parents will never get, but teenagers will always have in common.